Announcing Our New Richmond Location!

We’re so excited to announce that our new Richmond location will be opening soon!

This new location will be Symbols’ third, after opening our original Kitsilano location in 2006 and our Coquitlam location in 2012.

Our new Richmond location is centrally-located near Lansdowne Centre on Alexandra Rd.  Alexandra runs parallel with Alderbridge Way, a major arterial route running east-west through Richmond.  This should help to provide easy access to Symbols from most neighbourhoods in Richmond.  Click here to view our Richmond address and location on a map.

Pre-Registration Starts Today!

Having already recruited our first tutor for our Richmond location, we’re now beginning to accept pre-registrations as we set up the new center and train our new tutor.  We anticipate that we will be able to begin working with students in Richmond before the end of October.

Want to Pre-Register Your Child?  Or Know Someone in Richmond We Can Help?

Contact us today for pre-registration!


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Rob Wahl