Multisensory and Individualized


1-to-1 lessons using the multisensory Orton-Gillingham approach.

Get to Grade Level

Our internal intake assessment helps us to identify areas where your child falls below grade-level in math, and that's where our work with them begins. This includes all areas defined by the PLOs (Prescribed Learning Outcomes) set by the Ministry of Education. Some main areas include place value, understanding computation steps (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), mental math strategies & fact recall, sequencing skills, and working to understand how to use a structured approach to solving language-based math word problems.

Stabilize and Pre-Teach

Once stabilized at grade-level, we support our math students with their current classroom work, and pre-teach topics that may prove to be tricky for them. Our goal is to set them up for success, encourage understanding and maximize participation outside of our 1-to-1 setting.

Multisensory and Invidualized

All lessons at Symbols are multisensory, taught using the visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic pathways. And all tutoring is individualized to each student's unique needs and abilities, as determined through our internal intake assessment and our ongoing work with the student. For more about our lessons, read The Symbols Program.

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