$90 per Lesson

Comparing prices between learning centers can be difficult.  Things like lesson length, whether lessons are truly 1-to-1 (or in fact small group), whether lessons are individualized (or just pulled from workbooks), and details of the cancellation policy all vary from one place to the next.  These things all factor into price.

To make it easy for parents to understand the true value we offer at Symbols, we include all of these details here on one page.

Pricing Details

  • All lessons are $90 each (this includes language lessons, math lessons, in-person lessons and online lessons).
  • All lessons are exactly 60 minutes long.
  • All lessons are 1-to-1. Your child gets your tutor's undivided attention for the entire lesson.
  • All lessons are individualized to your child's needs and progress. In fact, Symbols tutors are paid for the time they spend preparing lessons, which is uncommon. Symbols tutors are paid for a minimum of 30 minutes of lesson prep time for every 1 hour lesson they teach. This paid incentive is crucial, because lesson quality hinges on planning and preparation.
  • There are no additional fees or taxes.
  • Generally, there is a 2-lesson-per-week minimum. Exceptions may apply in cases of scheduling or financial difficulties, or for long-term Symbols students who have stabilized.
  • No price increases for registered students. Symbols rewards families by keeping them at the lesson rate they paid when they joined Symbols for the entire time they are continuously enrolled, regardless of future price increases. We currently have families paying rates as much as 25% less than our current rates, having stayed with us through several years of rate increases.
  • Fair policies. All scheduled lessons are billed, regardless of whether they are attended. But with 24 hours cancellation notice, we can offer make-up lessons or custom work packages at no additional cost. Students may stop at any time with one month's notice. Our detailed policies are available here. Lessons falling on closure dates (like statutory holidays, our 2 week Winter Break and our 1 week Spring Break) are not billed.

Included at no additional cost...

  • All lesson materials, including delivered multisensory home kits (with free shipping) for students enrolled in online lessons.
  • Emailed session notes after every lesson summarizing material covered, engagement level, and any other pertinent details.
  • Bi-monthly emailed progress reports.
  • An optional 5-minute discussion with your child's tutor after every lesson to review lesson content, progress and homework.
  • Automatic lesson reminder emails sent 24 hours before each lesson, helping you to not miss any lessons.
  • Free consultations with our Director of Education when you have questions or would like an update on your child's program and progress.

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