How to Support Your Child with Reading

How to teach a child how to read

Developmental differences – what’s normal?  Some kids start kindergarten reading chapter books. Some kids don’t begin to stabilize their reading skills until they are closer to 7. Others still will never fully develop fluid reading skills without intensive support. For children, reading skills don’t ‘click into place’ just because they have been surrounded by books,…

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Why Online Tutoring Might Be the Number One Choice for Your Child

benefits of online tutoring

Online Learning Didn’t Work for My Kid.  How can Face-to-Face or Screen-to-Screen be equally effective?  Many parents may know they would prefer the convenience of online tutoring, but having had online experiences in the past that didn’t work well for their child, reasonably so… they have reservations! Many parents recall online learning ‘couldn’t hold their…

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Discover a Multisensory Approach to Penmanship

multisensory approach to hand writing and penmanship

One of the most important skills all kids need to develop is an ability to write. Writing is used in every school subject, higher-education, emlpoyment, and personal life. Penmanship – or the ability to create automatic, legible letters – is the first skill that needs to be taught. Students then learn to write words, sentences…

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Best in Vancouver

Best in Vancouver was kind enough to feature Symbols on its Best Tutoring in Vancouver page. Check out the page here.

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Symbols Moves to Online Tutoring Only Effective March 30th

Hi parents, We have completed our first week of online tutoring with great success!  While we experienced a few minor hiccups, we learned and adapted quickly, and we’ve had overwhelmingly positive feedback from parents and tutors about their experience online and with using the home kits.  Thanks to the dedication and creativity of our team,…

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COVID-19 Plans at Symbols as of March 20th

Hi Parents, What extraordinary, challenging times we are in.  First and foremost, we hope that you and your families are keeping well and healthy, both physically and mentally.  We know that, like us, many of you may be stressed, concerned and confused.  For what it’s worth, you’re not alone; we’re all in this together.  We’ve been touched…

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Symbols and COVID-19/Coronavirus

Hi Symbols Parents, With respect to the current COVID-19 situation, we remain reassured by Canadian health officials maintaining that the risk level in Canada is low, the fact that children do not seem to be as adversely affected by the virus as other higher-risk groups, and the fact that unlike schools or daycares, transmission in…

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2019-2020 School Year Registration

It’s time to start planning for the 2019/2020 school year!  Our tutors’ schedules fill up fast.  Be sure to register early for this school year so that you can choose a schedule that will work well for you and your family.  You’ll find everything you need to know about registration below, including when, where and…

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Art Galleries Have Birthdays Too!

Happy (belated) 10th birthday to the Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art! Earlier this year, the Bill Reid Gallery and its community of supporters and contributors celebrated a decade of sharing Indigenous art from our region. Since the gallery first opened in 2008, it has allowed the residents of Vancouver – and many from…

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