At Symbols, we are fortunate to have a team of dedicated and talented tutors teaching one-to-one multisensory lessons based on the Orton-Gillingham (OG) approach. To introduce you to our team and to celebrate each tutor’s unique contribution to the work we do, we are excited to announce the Symbols Tutor Profile…(Read More)

Registration is Open As most of our Symbols parents know, our school year registration for 2017-2018 opened up just a couple of weeks ago. As expected, our tutors’ schedules began to quickly fill up. In fact, some of our tutors are already completely booked in their after school time slots. In order to make…(Read More)

Our tutors’ schedules fill up fast.  Be sure to register early for this school year so that you can choose a schedule that will work well for you and your family!  You’ll find everything you need to know about registration in this post, including when, where and how to register, the amount of the…(Read More)

At Symbols, we believe that multi-sensory learning is the best way to get children to learn. During the intake assessment, which is done in the first four lessons, one of the first things the tutors are required to teach the student is the concept of VAKT (Visual/Auditory/Tactile/Kinesthetic), and the four learning…(Read More)

Two times a week, you drop your child off at Symbols for lessons with their tutor. Each time they come home, they’ve learned new information, which helps them in school. But what actually goes on for the hour that they are at Symbols? We asked two tutors to explain, for a typical Language Arts…(Read More)

When parents register a child at Symbols, part of the registration process includes forms that they are required to fill out to give us more information about their child. Some questions we ask are the child’s grade and school, whether they’ve ever had a psych ed report, and whether or not they have…(Read More)

As all of our Symbols parents know, registration for the summer term is now open. While this registration is extremely flexible, (lessons do not have to be booked twice a week as during the school term), as much as possible, we want to keep learning and the retention of information up. This is where SWP…(Read More)

One concept that Orton-Gillingham tutors believe is the importance of developing phonological awareness skill sets together with phonics development, especially in students who are struggling. What are phonemes? Phonemes are the smallest part of spoken language that make a sound. They can be as small as one letter, for example “t”, “b”, “l”. Phonemes…(Read More)

The school year and this term at Symbols may be coming to an end, but our summer term is right around the corner. This year, the summer sessions begin on Tuesday, July 4th and end on Friday, September 1st. We have announced the registration dates for each location, which are as follows: VANCOUVER:  Monday, May…(Read More)

If you saw the word “ghoti”, how would you pronounce it? What if I told you that this word read aloud sounded like “fish”? If we didn’t know how “fish” was spelled, this could very likely be the spelling! The gh, is pronounced [f] as in enough, the o, pronounced [ɪ] as in women, and…(Read More)

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