10 Tips for a Successful Summer

Congratulations! You did it! You made it through the school year and Summer is well under way. The Summer break is full of fun and sunshine and long days spent with family and friends. And so it should be, but it can also play an important role in any student’s progress from one grade to the next. Here are some tips from the Symbols team to help make the Summer a valuable part of your child’s progress, while still giving them a much-needed break from school.

1. Read on the beach…

…or in the car or on the plane or in the park or at home on a lazy Summer afternoon. What better way to avoid sunburn than to curl up under a tree with a good book? And if reading alone is a challenge for your child, take a few minutes a day to enjoy a good story together.

2. Register for Summer lessons at Symbols

Summer registration remains open and is super flexible – you pick the lesson times that suit your plans and schedule. Booking Summer lessons will give your child the confidence and the tools they need for the new school year. Summer is a happy time of the year and we want the start of the new school year to be a positive experience too.

3. Journal

Going on an adventure? Doing a fun summer camp? Getting a visit from extended family? Write about it! Whether the day involved hiking or video games, an airplane or a barbecue, your child can write a few words to describe it. Without the pressures of school, writing can be even more fun and a great way to keep a record of a glorious Summer break.

4. Write Postcards

If friends and family are far away, send them postcards. Your child can decorate them, learn how to write mailing addresses correctly, and write short, fun messages to their loved ones. Snail mail is a tactile medium and one that rewards patience. Hopefully, they get some postcards in return!

5. Listen to Audiobooks

At Symbols, we emphasize multisensory learning, so it’s only natural that we would suggest reading with your ears. On a long car ride, on a plane, or while your child is building a puzzle or colouring, put on an audiobook for them to listen to. The Vancouver Public Library’s collection of audiobooks can be borrowed for free by downloading them through the Libby App, as well as other platforms.

Bonus tip: There are many wonderful podcasts for children of all ages. Why not explore what’s on offer? Try Why? The Science Show For Kids and hundreds of others, to be found online or through your preferred podcast app.

6. Research research research

If you are going on trip or even just visiting one of Vancouver’s many attractions, do some research together online. Look at Google Maps to see where you’re going and how far it is from home. Look for pictures and fun facts. Reading and research can make exploring the world even more fun.

7. Practice using Symbols resources

If you have concept cards, a homework folder, or any other resources from Symbols at home, ask your child to show you what they have been working on so hard. Teaching is the best way to learn – take it from us!

8. Reflect and set goals

Your child has worked very hard over the last school year – look back on how far they have come and encourage them to set goals for the upcoming school year as well. Your child’s tutor will be very happy to help them pursue these goals and make them a reality.

9. Start a project

Draw, sculpt, build, and compose! Channel creativity into something new and unexpected. The Summer is a great time to unleash imagination and even a bit of silliness. Does your child want to write a graphic novel about a wombat? Excellent! Do they want to build a clay model of a city inhabited by vegetarian dragons? Go for it! Learning is an active, imaginative process and one that can bring joy and laughter.

10. Register for the Fall!

Get the support you need by registering for lessons at Symbols for the 2018/2019 school year. Symbols has a team of excellent, devoted, and enthusiastic tutors. We are here to support our students and give them the confidence to succeed at school and beyond.

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