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What is Symbols?

One-on-One Orton Gillingham Tutoring (Vancouver)

101-1755 West Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 4S5

We at Symbols welcome students located in Vancouver to join us for our immersive, one-on-one tutoring, using the Orton Gillingham method. Whether your child needs literacy or numercy help, we’re dedicated to supporting all children with learning difficulties.

West Broadway and Burrard

Private exterior entrance located in the courtyard from West Broadway, and also from the alley between Broadway and W 8th. Look for the red awning!


Metered and free street parking can be found nearby. Or, enjoy a snack or a coffee in the Denny's/Bar One during your child's lesson, and receive complimentary parking in the building underground, accessible from the back alley (make sure you register your vehicle with Denny's staff!). A map with other parking tips can be found here. Careful:  there are parking restrictions on West Broadway during rush hour.

During the Lesson...

During lessons parents can enjoy browsing through the various shops on West Broadway, or grab a coffee or a snack in any of the several coffee shops and restaurants nearby, including Denny's or Bar One (conveniently located in the same building) or Trees Coffee (at Broadway and Fir).

What Students in Vancouver Can Expect the Following From Their Tutoring:

1-to-1 tutoring



Multisensory reading, spelling and writing

Observance of Ministry of Education curriculum, by grade

Immersive & interactive

Structured & explicit

Prefer to try online tutoring?

Watch Our Online Tutoring in Action!

Our tutors have been perfecting the online method of OG tutoring over the last few years. Rest assured all online students get the best education using the best technology.

Google rating score: 4.9 of 5, based on 100 reviews.

multisensory literacy tutoring symbols learning

Literacy & Language Education Tutoring

Help your child with reading, writing, isolated and contextual spelling, grammar, comprehension and penmanship.

multisensory math tutoring symbols learning

Numeracy & Math Education Tutoring

Help your child understand computation steps (adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing), mental math strategies & fact recall, sequencing skills, and working to understand how to use a structured approach to solving language-based math word problems.

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    Symbols Multisensory Learning Centers (Vancouver)

    Symbols was founded in 2006 by husband-and-wife team Rob and Kimberley Wahl. Since opening its original location in Vancouver, Symbols has opened locations in Coquitlam and Richmond, and plans to continue expanding. As of 2023, Symbols has helped over 1500 children in its 17-year history.

    Vancouver Tutoring

    101 -1755 West Broadway
    (between Burrard and Pine)

    symbols learning vancouver location

    Coquitlam Tutoring

    202-1070 Ridgeway Ave
    (near Austin and Marmont)

    symbols learning coquitlam location

    Langley Tutoring

    200-20780 Willoughby Town Centre Dr.

    symbols langley location

    Richmond Tutoring

    205-8351 Alexandra Rd
    (near Lansdowne Centre)

    symbols learning vancouver location