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Our Policies


Our policies are the result of several years of trial and error, as well as careful review and consideration of the policies at other established learning centers.  Our policies cover two major areas:  lesson cancellation/rescheduling, and termination of tutoring.  Policies are very tricky to get right.  Their main purpose is to protect our tutors’ income.  Tutors are paid by the lesson.  Without policies, we wouldn’t be able to attract and retain great tutors, and we pride ourselves in having a fantastic team.  But overly-strict policies are unfair to parents, and we’ve seen too much of that at other learning centers.  It’s important to us that our families get excellent value at Symbols, and that both our customers and our tutors always feel like they’re being treated fairly.

We’re proud to say that we’ve struck an excellent balance.  We came up with a unique idea that we hadn’t seen at other learning centers before:  providing a Specialized Work Package – a substantial, individualized take-home package prepared by the tutor – for cases where make-up lessons can’t be scheduled for whatever reason.  We provide an unusually-high number of lessons that may be rescheduled each term with enough notice.  And, more often than not, we’re on the generous side of enforcing our already-generous policies.  For example, our policies state that we require 24 hours notice to reschedule a lesson, but usually, as long as we can communicate the cancellation to the tutor before they leave for work in the morning, we’ll accept a cancellation that is sent the night before or even very-early-morning day-of.

And without further ado, here are our policies, which are in effect throughout the regular school year (our summer term policies are slightly different):

Lesson Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy

  • Lessons cancelled by parents/students are non-refundable.
  • If a lesson is cancelled by Symbols, the option of either a make-up lesson or a refund will be offered.
  • With enough notice, up to 6* cancelled lessons per term** may be rescheduled or, in lieu of rescheduling, a Specialized Work Package, which is a substantial, individualized take-home package, may be requested by the parent.
    • At least 24 hours notice of a cancellation is required in order to qualify for rescheduling or a Specialized Work Package.
    • At least 3 hours notice of a cancellation is required to qualify for a Specialized Work Package.
  • Rescheduled lessons must be with the same tutor during our regular business hours (Mon-Fri, 11am-7:35pm).
  • Rescheduled lessons must take place within the same term** as the cancelled lesson (make-ups cannot be carried forward into future terms).
  • Given our tutors’ busy schedules we cannot guarantee that rescheduling will always be possible, but we will always do our best to accommodate.
  • If rescheduling proves to be impossible, the parent may instead request a Specialized Work Package.
  • Scheduled make-up lessons cannot be rescheduled.
  • The number of eligible cancellations will be pro-rated for students who begin or end tutoring mid-term.

Tutoring Termination Policy

Tutoring may be terminated by a parent with one month’s written notice. All lessons falling before and within the notice period must be paid for and are non-refundable. All lessons falling after the notice period will be cancelled at no charge, and, if pre-paid, will be refunded.  This policy applies to terminating tutoring entirely and to reducing lesson frequency.


*Our usual minimum schedule for enrolment at Symbols is two lessons per week.  However, under special circumstances, such as having attended Symbols for a substantial amount of time and requiring only a limited-support program, some students are approved to attend on a schedule of just once-per-week.  Students enrolled on a once-per-week schedule are limited to a maximum of 3 make-up lessons or Specialized Work Packages per term.

**Term 1:  Sept-Jan.  Term 2:  Feb-June.  (Re-registration is not required for Term 2; all students remain enrolled in their reserved schedule until the end of June unless proper notice has been given.

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