Tristan’s Wall of Champions Achievement!

Congratulations Tristan, on earning a spot on the Wall of Champions!  A Wall of Champions is located in the lobby of each of the Symbols locations and features outstanding work from our students.  Tristan is the first of our students to be profiled on the blog.

Tristan attends lessons in our Coquitlam location and is in Grade 4.  This is what Tristan’s tutor Melanie had to say about his work and why it was selected for the Wall of Champions:

“This is Tristan’s daily spelling page. Previously he would struggle to complete this page, but today he flew right through it! This page used his new phonogram ratios and his new sight words. Tristan was able to use his spelling strategies to sound these words out, and completed this page almost by himself. Tristan has made enormous progress not only in his reading and spelling, but in his confidence and enthusiasm.”

Here is a photo of Tristan’s daily spelling page that earned him a spot on the Wall of Champions:

Tristan Wall of Champions

Note that some of the words Tristan wrote are “martian words”, which are phonetically correct, but not real words that we use to reinforce spelling rules, known affixes and phonics.

Melanie also interviewed Tristan for this blog post:

Melanie:  Why does your work deserve to be on the Wall of Champions?
Tristan:  Because I focused and tried my best!

M:  What do you like best about Symbols?
T:  We get to have fun while we learn – I love the hockey pass!

M:  Who is your hero and why?
T:  My dad, because he protects me and takes care of me.

M:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
 T:  A professional hockey player.

M:  Where have you seen the most progress since coming to Symbols?
T:  When I first started coming to Symbols, I couldn’t read much. I
only knew, like, 3 sight words! Now I know a lot of words!

Congratulations Tristan!

Rob Wahl