Writing Difficulties Tutoring Vancouver, Richmond & Coquitlam

Is your child having writing difficulties? If so our writing difficulties tutoring in Vancouver, Richmond or Coquitlam can help.

Many parents may have heard of the term dyslexia, used to describe extreme reading difficulties, but less commonly heard or understood is the term dysgraphia. So, what is dysgraphia?

Generally speaking, dysgraphia is having trouble with written expression. If a child is able to express their ideas verbally, but then has trouble writing their ideas down, it is likely that a writing difficulty is present. Many different aspects of writing can be difficult- even holding a pencil properly! Other things that might be difficult are spelling, or organizing letters onto a line. There also may be times when a child knows what they want to write, but can’t get the words down on paper. Parents often mention these or similar writing difficulties when they are thinking about enrolling their child in our program for extra help.

Writing difficulties can stem from a number of different issues. For example, there could be a visual problem where children mix up letters that look similar, like p and q. There could also be motor issues that make the act of writing itself difficult. No matter what specifically causes dysgraphia, it is important to remember that it is a brain-based issue, and not something that the child can quickly or easily fix on their own.

Since Symbols takes a multisensory approach, we have visual, auditory, kinesthetic, and tactile methods that can help your child with their writing. No matter what is at the root of their writing difficulty, we work with all the main pathways that go to the brain, and help strengthen those connections each time we have a session with your child.

Writing difficulties can lead to a child becoming frustrated, especially when they have good ideas, but are not successful in getting these ideas down. This often leads to having low self-esteem, because the child knows they are smart, but are not getting validated for their ideas, because they can’t write them down. Our Orton-Gillingham tutors will come up with an individualized tutoring plan for the student, in order for them to start gaining their confidence back.

What is important to understand regarding dysgraphia is that specific steps in the writing process go off track, even though the original ideas were there. Although the child knows what they wanted to write, they can’t get the words down on paper, and what they actually are able to produce is often hard to read or full of errors. This is where our tutors are able to help! Although the writing process goes off track, with the right tools, we can help get it back on track. Your child knows what they want to say; they just need extra help getting their ideas down. Let us help unlock your child’s greatness, and get the ideas from their mind onto paper with our writing difficulties tutoring in Vancouver, Richmond & Coquitlam.

Rob Wahl