An Approach

Rather than a method or a program, OG is considered an approach to teaching.

For Kids Who Are Struggling

OG was originally developed to help kids struggling with reading and writing (i.e. dyslexia). Its flexibility, personalization and effectiveness make the approach suitable for teaching a wide range of students today. It has also been adapted for math instruction.


OG is a multisensory approach, meaning that concepts are presented and learned using the four main learning pathways: visual (eyes to see), auditory (ears to hear), tactile (hands to feel) and kinesthetic (body to move).


Although it has been adapted for use in small-group lessons and in classrooms, at Symbols we strictly offer OG in its originally-intended one-to-one format.


Language OG lessons are based on phonics. Reading and writing are taught and learned based on units of sound, and the graphical representation of those sounds as letters and groups of letters.


OG is inherently designed to be flexible. It can be used with a wide variety of students and broad range of topics.


The OG approach is applied in a personalized way, based on the unique needs, abilities, strengths and weaknesses present in each individual student.

Sequential and Cumulative

Concepts are taught in a specific order and build upon each other.

Dr. Orton and Ms. Gillingham

The OG approach is named for Dr. Samuel Orton and Anna Gillingham, who together developed it beginning in the 1930s.

Years of Experience (founded in 2006)

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