Tewehigan’s on the Wall of Champions!

Congratulations, Tewehigan, on your work being chosen for display on the Wall of Champions!  A Wall of Champions is located in the lobby of each of the Symbols locations and features outstanding work from our students.

Tewehigan attends our Vancouver location.  He’s is in our Orton-Gillingham language stream with his tutor Dani.  Dani had the following to say:

“Tewehigan did a great job on completing every part of his spelling page. He spelled many tricky sounds, magic e words, sight words and earnestly made any corrections we found together. Best of all is his great effort in completing and correcting his entire sentence! Well done!”

Here is a photo of Tewehigan’s work that earned him a spot on the Wall of Champions:

Orton-Gillingham Spelling


Dani also interviewed Tewehigan for this blog post:

Dani: I think you did a really good job on your spelling page. Do you think you did a really good job too?
Tewehigan: Yes.

D: What was easy on this page?
T:  Sight words.

D: What was hard on this page?
T:  Sentence.

D: What do you enjoy more, reading or spelling?
T:  Reading.

D: Is blending one of your favourite parts Symbols lessons?
T:  Yes.

D: When you are not at Symbols, what do you like to do?
T: Play games at home

Congratulations Tewehigan!

Rob Wahl