Adrianna’s Wall of Champions Achievement

Congratulations, Adrianna, on your work being chosen for display on the Wall of Champions!  A Wall of Champions is located in the lobby of each of the Symbols locations and features outstanding work from our students.

Adrianna attends our Kitsilano (Vancouver) location.  She is in our Orton-Gillingham math tutoring stream with her tutor Jenny.  Jenny had the following to say:

“In the past month that I’ve been working with Adrianna, and getting to know her, we’ve covered quite a few things. She recently learned a new place value, thousands. On that particular day, she came to Symbols ready and focused to work. Because of this, learning her new place value came with so much ease! The next day she came in, she was able to remember what she learned; was ready to work; listened carefully for her numbers being called out; and wrote them out so neatly and confidently. I’m really proud of her, and I think she should be proud of herself too. Way to go, Adrianna!”

Here is a photo of Adrianna’s work that earned her a spot on the Wall of Champions:


Jenny also interviewed Adrianna for this blog post:

Jenny: So, Adrie, what’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?

Adrianna: I’m flawless. One time, a boy said I was the prettiest girl he’s ever seen… Really!


J: That’s because you are! That’s a really nice thing to hear from someone.

A: I’m not lying! He really said that.


J: I believe you. Let’s move on – what do you want to be when you grow up?

A: I want to run my own daycare… with my husband. But if he doesn’t want to, I’m going to force him.


J: So you like kids then?

A: Yeah, I like kids.


J: You’re a kid, I think all kids like kids.

A: Well, I mean little ones. I like little kids.


J: I do too. So what’s your favourite thing about being a kid?

A: I like watching TV, sleeping in late… because I need to grow. Oh, and I like to have soup when I’m sick because I don’t have to make it.


J: Those all sound good to me. Okay, next question: what are you scared of?

A: I’m scared I’ll never get my happily ever after.


J: What! You’re so young! You don’t even need to worry about that right now.

A: I know, but I’m just scared. It’s okay to be scared of that.


J: You’re right. I think everyone worries about that sometimes. Let’s move on, what’s your favourite thing about coming to Symbols?

A: Uhmm, I like to see my tutors and play with them. Sometimes we get to play games.


J: Were you excited to see you ‘Listen and Write’ on the Wall of Champions? Why do you think it got put up?

A: I didn’t even know it was there! I worked really hard on it… and I deserve it.


J: Do you think you can get on the Wall again?

A: Yeah!


Congratulations Adrianna!

Rob Wahl