2015 Summer Term Registration


PageLines-Testimonials.jpgDo you want your preschooler to get off to a great start in spelling, reading and writing? Or does your school-aged child need to play some catch-up this summer? Symbols’ multisensory, phonics-based and highly individualized approach is both effective and fun for a wide variety of young learners.

Registration for the 2015 Summer Term has started!


Why register your child for summer tutoring? Here are our top 3 reasons:

1. Time and effort commitment vs. the benefits

  • Just two 1-hour lessons per week won’t take much away from the fun and sun that summer is and should be, but can make a major difference to your child’s ability to maintain, retain and build on their academic skills.

2.  Summer lessons are often more enjoyable and effective than lessons during the school year!

  • Without the pressures and stress of school, both student and tutor are free to explore topics and areas more interesting to the student, and this can enhance learning.   Further, many kids have more energy to learn with us during the summer when their attention span for things academic is not competing with long hours at school.

3. To maintain and build upon what was learned during the school year.

  • We call it “Summer Brain Drain.”  It impacts all children, but most severely those who may already be struggling.  Taking the summer off can put a student even further behind academically by the time September arrives.


Dates and Times

The summer term will begin on Thursday, July 2nd and will end on Friday, September 4th.

One hour lessons will be held Monday – Friday. Parents can select any of the below lesson start times that are still available at the time of registration to create a weekly summer schedule:

9:00am 12:15pm 3:30pm
10:05am 1:20pm 4:35pm
11:10am 2:25pm 5:40pm

We are happy to schedule around vacations and other summer activities at the time of registration (schedules can be made to vary week to week; weeks can have a few as 0 and as many as 5 lessons). However, once registration has been completed, all summer lessons agreed to at the time of registration are considered firmly scheduled and non-refundable. When possible and with at least a day’s notice, we will accommodate lesson rescheduling; however, we cannot guarantee that it will always be possible.


We will request a $150 non-refundable deposit to complete the registration. The deposit will be 100% credited to the summer invoice.

6 Responses to "2015 Summer Term Registration"
  1. My daughter has recently had educ/psych testing. Symbols has been recommended to assist her. I would like some more info. I am hoping to get her started this month….. Help!!!

  2. My son has Dysgraphia, written output, and serious spelling issues. Along with Executive Function delays. Have all been tested with Education/Psycho testing. Which we now have an IEP in place at school. Basically he uses an IPad at times. We are feeling our way though this jungle as to what we need to do with very little help. Half the time I feel we are just being patted on the head. I am looking to find out information on any summer programs that could help and of course the costs. A friend recommended you to me.

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