“Anna read two chapters of one of her Pony Pals books to me a few minutes ago. She read to me with more fluency than she ever had before. She consistently corrected herself when she misread a word without any prompting from me. She has never done that before while reading to me. She did not once use her finger to trace what she was reading and she kept her place. She read with confidence and she read past the time we had set without stopping to ask "how much longer." Thank you so much for all you have done to help Anna learn to read more fluently. Mary Anne and I are so grateful that you are working with her and care so much about her. It made me so happy to hear her read today.”


Hanago Masutani

“In a matter of weeks Eiko learned at Symbols what she hadn’t managed to learn over years of school.”



“We have been attending Symbols Multisensory Learning Centres for a few months now. Melanie, in particular, has worked hard to figure out what would engage our son and showed him how learning can be exciting. Our son's reading and writing has improved considerably and we are deeply thankful to Melanie and Symbols to be involved in his success. We recommend Symbols to anyone who as a child with dyslexia or other learning challenges as the teachers work hard with your child to create a successful learning experience.”



“After each session the tutor spends a few minutes with me to discuss what has been covered during the session. I really appreciate it, as it helps me feel informed.”


Submitted by an anonymous Symbols student, Grade 2

“Symbols is great place because they teach very good and there really nice.”


Selina Monaghan

“We are delighted that since coming to Symbols Lucius shows definite improvement in his reading and printing skills. Best of all, he is feeling much more confident and is very proud of his progress. He often volunteers to read to family members to show of his new skills.”


Lee Ann

“Ella aced her math homework on Thursday, and mentioned that she didn't have any homework this weekend because she was able to finish her in-class work so quickly on Friday. I asked how that happened and she said that the concepts they are learning are easy because she's been practicing them already at tutoring. Her confidence and pride was beaming from her face. Thank you!!”


Sonya V.

“I have wanted to write this letter for a long time but quite frankly there are no words to express our thanks to you for the impact you have on our son Isaac. I am referring not only to his education but his self esteem and how he feels about his ability to learn. In the hours spent with you he feels good about learning and for a child behind in the typical public school benchmarks that is a tremendous accomplishment. You have an exceptional ability to nurture and encourage kids to try their best while working with them in a focused well paced hour of instruction. I know that Isaac does not like having to be tutored but he admits that it is the only time in the week that he feels like he is smart and tries his best for you because of the connection you have built with him. It is your work with Isaac that has allowed him to learn to read and be on the right track to being able to write a comprehensive paragraph. This has been demonstrated to us by his teachers noticing a decline in his language skills when we have taken time off from tutoring and the immediate improvement in his work when he has started back into your program.”


Nora Cummins

“My daughter tells me that when she started she didn’t feel that she could spell well or read English and now she says, "I’m reading lots and lots of books and I enjoy it!”


Anonymous Parents

“We love Symbols. We’ve never seen David so confident and feeling happy with himself. We’re a much happier family too, so thank you.”


Stephanie Lloyd

“My daughter Elle has been attending Symbols twice weekly since February 2013 with great success. She was diagnosed with dyslexia in Grade 3 and had great trouble reading and writing at grade level. The team at Symbols initially assessed her learning and tailored an Orton-Gillingham based program to meet her needs in Language Arts. By working with her one-on-one tutor (who is fabulous!), Elle has gained strides in her learning and more importantly her confidence has grown exponentially. I frequently catch her using her Symbols language cards and mnemonic strategies in her everyday school work. Elle frequently has an "Aha!" moment during her lessons and always leaves with a smile! I truly believe that without Symbols being a part of her everyday learning program, she would be further behind in school and struggling with the challenges dyslexia presents.”

Charles and Sarah

client name

“My wife and I were very concerned last year when we felt our son was not ready for grade 2. His learning difficulties and lack of being able to stay focused at any task at hand, was getting in the way of him keeping up with his peers in class. The Principal of his normal day school gently suggested the Orton Gillingham based learning system and we looked it up on the internet right away. We researched this learning system to better understand the concepts applied and felt it was a good fit for our child. During our search we noticed the Symbols Learning website and contacted them. We signed him up right away and now 6 months later, we feel very fortunate that our son is now learning at a rate to allow him to keep up with the grade 2 curriculum. He is concentrating better and with a conceptual framework to follow we can see that he is happy and energized when doing his homework (as opposed to before, when he was just frustrated with his self esteem suffering). Symbols tutor MD, who is assigned to teaching our son is just wonderful. She is excellent at providing so much care, patience and understanding while guiding our son through each class. She takes the time to speak with us at the end of each class and reports his progress so we are able to gauge how he is doing. We would recommend Symbols to anyone that have hopes that their children can excel better with a regular day school program or any other learning activity.”


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