Hana’s Wall of Champions Achievement

Congratulations, Hana, on your work being chosen for display on the Wall of Champions!  A Wall of Champions is located in the lobby of each of the Symbols locations and features outstanding work from our students.

Hana attends our Coquitlam location and is in Grade 4.  She is in our Orton-Gillingham language stream with her tutor Alana.  Alana had the following to say:

“Hana’s penmanship has changed drastically in just 2 sessions. She is very proud of her work and is very happy with her progress so I wanted to reward her positivity and progress. I chose this work because it also shows me how much more patient she has gotten in such a short amount of time.”

Here is a photo of Hana’s work that earned her a spot on the Wall of Champions:

Hana Wall of Champions

Alana also interviewed Hana for this blog post:

Alana:  Why is your work going on the Wall of Champions?
Hana:  Because my printing is really good now.

A:  What is your favourite part about coming to Symbols?
H:  My writing looks as good as a teachers now!

A:  What is your favourite part of school?
H:  Working and playing on the computers in the computer lab.

A:  What do you want to be when you grow up?
H:  I want to have a pizza shop with my brother!

Congratulations Hana!

Rob Wahl