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As a parent trying to keep track of your child’s busy schedule, it can be difficult having questions that you don’t know the answers to. Below is a list of commonly asked questions or concerns that we often receive from parents. Some of these topics have been covered in previous blogs, but still…(Read More)

With so many different tutoring options, it can feel overwhelming to decide where to go to get your child help. At Symbols, we use the Orton-Gillingham approach, which we believe is the most effective way to tutor children with – and without – learning differences. What makes Orton-Gillingham effective? Orton-Gillingham is an approach that…(Read More)

At Symbols, we talk a lot about sight words. When you pick your child up from a lesson, you may hear them talking about the “sight word” they learned this lesson. But what are sight words? You may have also heard of dolce words, and be wondering, what’s the difference? Sight Words A sight…(Read More)

People with dyslexia are often creative and unconventional, and do not always think in the same way that others do. It is common for people who are dyslexic to succeed in a wide variety of careers where creativity is a necessity. Successful actor Orlando Bloom has stated, “With dyslexia comes a very great gift, which…(Read More)

Is your child having writing difficulties? If so our writing difficulties tutoring in Vancouver, Richmond or Coquitlam can help. Many parents may have heard of the term dyslexia, used to describe extreme reading difficulties, but less commonly heard or understood is the term dysgraphia. So, what is dysgraphia? Generally speaking, dysgraphia is having trouble with…(Read More)

At Symbols, we offer tutoring for students with ADHD at our Vancouver, Richmond and Coquitlam locations. But first, what is ADHD? Elementary-aged children are often full of energy and enthusiasm. However, when a child is energetic or hyper to an extent where they have difficulty focusing or paying attention in class, this can be…(Read More)

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